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President: Judy Stocker

Vice-President / Chief-Steward: Neal Meers

Secretary / Treasurer: Joe Scruggs

Clerk Craft Director: RJ Hoffman

CHATT P&DC Stewards

Tour 2

Linda Rainey - Steward - Automation Section

Latasha Bush – Alternate Steward

Tour 3

Darlene Neal – Steward – Manual Section/AFSM

Neal Meers – Steward – Automation

Neal Meers – Steward – APBS(Tour 3B)

Kim Bertolami – Steward - APBS(Tour 3A) & AFSM

Tour 1

Melodie Hambrick - Steward — Automation

Neal Meers — Steward — Manual Section/AFSM

Maintenance Craft

Judy Stocker - Steward

Willian Lee - Steward - MPE's

Evelyn Barrera - Alternate Steward

Stefanie Stewart - Alternate Steward

CHATT Stations/GMF

Katina Butler – Steward

Rebecca Shaver – Alt. Steward

Randy Johnson – Alt. Steward

Chattanooga Motor Vehicles

Melodie Hambrick – Steward

Hixson Post Office

Lacey Lowery – Steward

Tullahoma Post Office

Andrew Janeway - Steward

Cleveland Post Office


Athens Post Office & Bid Cluster


Winchester Post Office & Bid Cluster

Theresa A. Seagle – Steward

McMinnville Post Office & Bid Cluster

Patrick Moore – Alternate Steward

Manchester Post Office & Bid Cluster

Hailey Bland – Steward

Jasper Post Office & Bid Cluster

Kristina Hardison - Alternate Steward

Calhoun Post Office & Bid Cluster


Chatsworth Post Office & Bid Cluster

Vickie Neal - Alternate Steward

Blue Ridge GA Post Office

Cora Seabrook - Steward

Ellijay/East Ellijay

Eric Mayfield – Steward

Trenton GA Post Office

Jason Hurst - Steward

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